Wednesday, October 12, 2011


I am always on the hunt for great organizational DIYs. What can I say? I like to be orderly.

So  when I saw a similar idea to this in a home decor magazine a few months ago (sorry- I cannot for the love of puppies remember which one) I knew I had to make my own version. On the cheap. Because the ones in the magazine cost $30. Mine cost me $3.99. Eat that fancy home decor magazine.

This is a cute way to keep your closet organized by making hanging 'tabs' to keep every garment in its place. It only took about 20 min and the supplies are minimal ...

You will need: Foam rectangles, X-acto knife (or scissors), Sharpie or Paint pen, compass.

 Step 1: gather supplies. I found my foam rectangles at Target in the Kids Crafting aisle. Step 2: Decide what labels you wish to have, and make them as fancy or plain as you please. I always think stars and hearts make everything a bit better :) I used sharpie to write them but a paint pen works well too! Step 3: Get your compass- you may want to measure the circumference of your bar and then give it a little wiggle room. Step 4: You can draw or eyeball this part, make a line where your slit will go to allow it to go on the bar. Step 5: Cut out your slit and circle. If you use an X-acto knife make sure your blade is new and sharp otherwise it will tear at the foam. Scissors work really well too, I experimented with both! Step 6: place your new dividers and enjoy just how organized life can be :)

I think this would also be cute to organize by style as well ... vintage, girly, edgy. ect. Depends on how colorful and helter skelter your style is!

Happy Crafting/Organizing!



  1. i LOVE the idea of organizing by style!
    that's really super cute. : )

  2. i forwarded this to my friend who is both crafty and super-dee-duper organized. i am sure she will be as inspired as i was.


    p.s. "for the love of puppies..." best quote of the day. =)

  3. ha ha thanks Chrissy :)

    Lydia- I am totally going to make the by style ones soon ... I plan my outfits weekly and I think it would be a great way to organize my looks!