Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Have I made you all 9-5ers jealous of my time off yet? Don't worry, I will be jealous of myself come tomorrow when its back to work I go ... I will be trying to whistle all the way. So here is the Best of the Week. So many good memories!

 bow buns and sleeping in with a snuggly puppy
 she is just so cute I can't stand it ... and spending time with family at the Street Fair. 1 & 2.
 watching the sun rise while sipping on coffee wondering what I want to do that day ... and of course creating to do lists :)
 so many projects that sat on the back burner were finally worked on, and it felt so good. Including a long overdue shop update with some of my original work!
 I watched one of my Top 5 Movies and new shoes came in the mail (happy monday to me, indeed!)
 heeeeellooooo pumpkin muffins!
 we made fancy breakfasts and bummed in jammies a lot.
 Nate pretty much blew my mind with this painting. So in love with it!
 Missoni overload ... debut my new dress and drank too many cups of cof with too many muffins! (if thats possible??)
 Lunch Dates, Jammie dates, Evening walk dates ... we turned lots of moments into little dates!
 Spending time with Nate was much needed ... and did I mention the amount of Jammie time we had??
So much family time I could of burst with happiness!

It was a good week. And a reflective week. The husb and I had a lot of good conversations. I started reading the Art of Happiness by the one and only Dalai Lama. I have a feeling that there will be some self revelations to come and when the time is right I will gladly share my journey with you all. Life is all about the evolution of self, right? So onward and upward!

And hello to the new followers! Its so nice to have you!


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  1. loving, loving, loving that painting! so cute!