Tuesday, October 11, 2011


You know, not all days are great. But we get through them any way. And I can't complain too much because really only the first half of my day was rough. I mean, we did get a shop update in after all :)

But just so you all know- its not always peaches n' cream. Sometimes the Library rips you off and your computer doesn't cooperate. But then, sometimes you realize you have awesome shoes to wear that day and you have the best partner in life and you just have to count all the little blessings!

 she wore: ModCloth Sunglasses; Forever 21 Dress and Vest; Target Tights; GoJane shoes
he wore: Forever 21 tee; Levi Denim; Target shoes; H&M sunglasses

And a nice little kitty joined our shoot for a moment, he liked having his picture taken :)

Tomorrow is the last day of my stay-cation. I am pretty sad but we are going to celebrate like its 1999!


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