Friday, October 7, 2011


If you are new to the Hers and His blog then you will soon find out that Stella Bean is a HUGE part of our life. Her birthday is our wedding day, named after an Interpol song (Stella was a Diver...) and Kurt Cobains daughter (Frances Bean), and the most expensive impulse buy we ever made, we love this little creature like she was our own flesh and blood. Cute, right? Or are you gagging? :) Just be warned, we dote on her like a child, we dress her up sometimes, and sometimes I just like to post random pictures of her so I can brag to you all how stinkin' cute she is. My mom swears she is only cute because she is so ugly- but we love her for her smooshed face, wrinkles, runny nose and the occasional snort. Oh, and the curly tail ... that curly tail! Love it :)

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