Friday, October 7, 2011


The mister and I met waaaayy back in 2003 in our Sophomore year English class. I always thought he was just so darn cute with his bright blue eyes and his pensive disposition- and he claims he always thought I was cute but alas, we never made anything of it during our High School years. Fast forward to the end of our Freshman year of college and this blue eyed handsome art major was asking me out! 

We dated for two years, had a long distance relationship after I moved away for school, sent endless amounts of emails, piled up the phone minutes, put miles and miles on our cars, and finally he popped the question (obviously, I said yes) and a year later I married my best friend.

Ever since, I have reveled in the fact that I will always be a Hers + His, an amazing coupling, and that everyday we are creating our happily ever after and documenting it right here on the Hers and His blog.

So the only thing left to say is ... welcome to our journey!

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