Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Why is it that rotting leaves smell so good? Or is it just trickery because fall is just that good at mesmerizing you? Who knows, but I do love a good stomp in the leaves.

Stella Bean, however, does not so much. I thinking the crunching is just a little too intense for the little lady.

This is what I wore for one of our evening walks. I am really into this mucky mustard color. It goes really well with pinks and mints and pumpkins. Thats all it really takes for a color to win me over these days!

 she wore: Forever 21 sweater, leggings, aviators; Lauren Conrad for Kohls Fringe boots

Nate started a new venture this week, a new blog that incorporates some of his passions of super heroes and minimates. So, it sounds nerdy ... but its actually pretty cool :) I am really excited to see what he creates!

In other news ... (nice segway huh?)

The bro-in-law Lee Xopher has released his next issue of his indie comic Rock of Pages. Annnnd the mister and I have a cameo, I love it! He is oh so talented and you should probably head over to his site and see more ...

 Tomorrow is the halfway mark, this week is already flying by!


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