Thursday, June 28, 2012


During the work we week we like simple and quick meals. There isn't enough time in the day for fancy dinners, projects, down time, and everything else in-between! Homemade pizza is easy and fun, and since Nate and I have very different tastes its the perfect way to customize your meal.
We started with a gluten-free pizza crust ...

Her pizza:
olive oil
fresh basil
roma tomato
sauteed onions
feta cheese

His pizza:
BBQ sauce
grilled chicken
shredded colby jack

See? Very different indeed :)


Tuesday, June 26, 2012


I am in love with these pants. Like, I want to wear them all the time.

Do you recall the floral denim at Anthropologie earlier in the spring? I coveted those jeans pretty bad but the cost ... not so much. Good things come to those who wait though, because these are only $22.80!

Now that's a steal.
she wore: Forever 21 denim
he wore: Old Navy tee



Nate and I have learned lately that we are not wine drinkers. Actually, we are not drinkers of the adult beverage genre at all. In fact, that bottle of Jam Jar was the first alcoholic beverage I have ever had. And I am 25 years old (I thought it was about time I at least tried it). And the verdict? Not really a fan. I will still always pick a Diet Coke over a glass of wine.

However, I still enjoy the pretty labels of these bottles and think they are super pretty :)

Do you have any favorite beverages? I like sweeter things- any suggestions I will gladly take!


Monday, June 25, 2012


... on the best weekend ever.

 And whats a weekend without some instagrams?

 birthday decorations and nail art
pretty collars and breakfast for a birthday boy
everything was in the spirit and lots of presents
Solid Gold and bleach tee art
Cupcake wine and taking the pup on lots of field trips this weekend

It was one jam packed weekend with good food, good company, and great memories. Nate celebrated turning 26 by shaving his beard to chops (!!), having a slew of birthday coupons to cash in (scalp massage, anyone?) and getting his choice of activities and food (Thor and Cheesecake Factory- no complaints here).

What did you do this weekend??


We tried this mocktail this past weekend and it was really yum!

You will need:
Pineapple Juice
Grape Juice
Diet Sierra Mist
Mint leaves
Fresh Blueberries
Lime wedges

In your shaker place ice, a splash of Pineapple juice, a splash of grape juice, a few mint leaves, blueberries, and a squeeze of a lime wedge and shake. Strain into your glass.

Add your Sierra Mist and a few blueberries for garnish ... Enjoy!


Sunday, June 24, 2012


Today is Nate's 26th Birthday! We have spent the day doing fun things and enjoying the beautiful summer weather.

We are currently somewhere between baking the cake and deciding where to eat dinner so here I am sharing a glimpse of our day...

 she wore: Forever 21 Dress; Jessica Simpson platforms

So much blue in these pictures! It really is a gorgeous day- also super hot. Poor Stella was melting, we ended up in a drive through to get her some ice water. She also was really uncertain of the statues of the children playing, she is so funny when she gets acquainted to objects!

I hope your Sunday was blissful and full of love- we will be enjoying the last of birthday festivities!


Saturday, June 23, 2012


It is no secret that we love our coffee around here, and with the warmer weather we have attempted to make iced coffees a few times but they weren't quite like what we wanted. After some research I learned about cold-brew coffee, which is, in fact making coffee sans heat. Brewing hot coffee ups the acidity and therefore the bitter taste which is amplified when chilled (we had been using morning coffee leftovers and chilling them in the fridge). So no matter how much cream or sugar we used it still had bitter under tones. Ick.

Here is the method I modified to make us a yum ice cold cup of coffee!

Supplies: 4 cup measuring cup, strainer, coffee filter, bowl (with a spout if possible) coffee grounds. You can grind fresh beans, we use good old fashioned Folgers.
 Step 1: Measure 1 cup coffee grounds into your measuring cup. Add water up to the 4 cup line.
 Step 2: Cover your cup securely and leave sitting out for 12 hours. I started mine the night before so it would be ready when we got up!
Step 3: Place your strainer in your bowl with a coffee filter. Slowly pour mixture into the filter- this portion takes a little bit of time to fully strain the grounds.
 Step 4: Fill your glasses with ice cubes and pour your coffee in, add any cream or sugar you like, stir and ...



This past week we celebrated 3 years of married bliss ... and Stella turned 3! That's right, our little bundle of furry joy was born on our wedding day. If we weren't meant to be a trio I don't know who would be. We celebrated our anniversary with dinner out and since 3 years is the leather anniversary we purchased leather cuffs to decorate! Stella Bean got a dish of vanilla ice cream and we enjoyed the gorgeous weather with a little walk.

We couldn't have asked for a more laid back evening, it was perfect!

 she wore: Forever 21 dress
he wore: Target tee; levi denim
pug puppy wore: Moochie & Co.

And obviously I had to wear my heart sunnies in honor of all the love!