Saturday, June 9, 2012


Is it possible to have a favorite door? Because I pretty much love this door. And it was just by chance we came upon it thanks to some crazy parking situations at the street fair!

Its a hot one out there today! Definitely a day for a dress, and I love this lace one. I see it working in many different ways and look forward to styling it more.

Oh and how could I forget to mention first and foremost?? I got my hair ombre'd! (Is that a word?) I have been going back and forth for like- 6 months on if I wanted to do it or not. I am a rookie at hair dye. As in, have never had my hair dyed unless you count Sun In in the 6th grade- which I don't. Did Sun In make anyone else's hair crunchy? Hmm ...

But anyway, I love it and can't wait to play around with different styles, I definitely like it curled for a softer look.
she wore: Forever 21 dress
he wore: Levi Denim; Target tee

 The Alpacas are the only thing I managed to snap pictures of today! I think they are my favorite part of the Street Fair- I like his fro :)

Happy Saturday dear readers! I hope its beautiful and full of sunshine for you ...


  1. I love your ombre hair! Did you do it yourself? I'm considering it myself.

    I totally have a favourite door too, although it's nowhere near as cute as this one!


  2. ahh i love your hair! i wanted to go a bit lighter for the summer and this is really tempting to try. so great!

  3. I had it professionally done since I had never done anything with hair dye- however, I had contemplated doing it myself and had YouTube'd it and there are a lot of great tutorials on how to do it!