Saturday, June 23, 2012


It is no secret that we love our coffee around here, and with the warmer weather we have attempted to make iced coffees a few times but they weren't quite like what we wanted. After some research I learned about cold-brew coffee, which is, in fact making coffee sans heat. Brewing hot coffee ups the acidity and therefore the bitter taste which is amplified when chilled (we had been using morning coffee leftovers and chilling them in the fridge). So no matter how much cream or sugar we used it still had bitter under tones. Ick.

Here is the method I modified to make us a yum ice cold cup of coffee!

Supplies: 4 cup measuring cup, strainer, coffee filter, bowl (with a spout if possible) coffee grounds. You can grind fresh beans, we use good old fashioned Folgers.
 Step 1: Measure 1 cup coffee grounds into your measuring cup. Add water up to the 4 cup line.
 Step 2: Cover your cup securely and leave sitting out for 12 hours. I started mine the night before so it would be ready when we got up!
Step 3: Place your strainer in your bowl with a coffee filter. Slowly pour mixture into the filter- this portion takes a little bit of time to fully strain the grounds.
 Step 4: Fill your glasses with ice cubes and pour your coffee in, add any cream or sugar you like, stir and ...


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