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Sunday, September 16, 2012


Happy Sunday dear readers, I hope its a good one for you?

I am working today- an odd shift with a 6 hour break in-between, so here I am :)

This weekend has been glorious and the perfect preview to fall. The air is changing and its oh so refreshing! We ran some errands yesterday and this is what I wore...

 she wore: Forever 21 sweater; Old Navy denim; DIY boots

I updated these boots myself after I saw these cute booties! All you need is glitter glue and a brush- make sure your boots are clean and dry, apply coats of glitter while following the seam lines until it has the coverage you desire. I did 4 coats and then touch ups to get a solid glitter look.

 Super simple and much less expensive.

Hope your weekend was everything you hoped it to be!


Tuesday, September 11, 2012


The key to organizing odds and ends around the house is coming up with containment solutions. We all collect little bits of random things, small objects, keys, cosmetics and creating small spaces specifically for these items will give you a more harmonious home.
Trays, canisters, and mason jars make excellent hold-alls. I love the kitchen accessories at Anthropologie- their porcelain berry baskets make great spots for hairgoods, bracelets, and rings. The chalkboard trend is super fun for those who love labeling- a caddy for remotes and loose cables such as phone chargers and USB cables keeps your coffee and end tables clear. I love using clear glass jars to store my nail polishes, easy to see and doesn't take up precious counter and drawer space on my vanity! Trays are a great way to keep like items together- by our front door I made this small display for our collection of sunnies, I hang our more frequently used glasses on the tree sculpture and let the others rest in the tray. Create pretty displays on cake stands, in bell jars, and in bowls with seasonal items (like the gourds above) to add interest to book shelves and tables.
Make a pretty tray for your odds and ends! I re-styled this wooden tray to go better with our bedroom decor. What you need: wooden tray, new or old (you can get them for a few bucks at the craft store), paint, metallic paper, and glue. Simply paint your tray and cut your paper to line the tray to size- securely glue into place. Thanks to the magic of fast drying acrylic paint this project can be completed in about a half hour!

Happy organizing!

Sunday, September 9, 2012


Frankenstein's monster and wife from Bath and Body Works// Glitter Skull from Flower Factory// Ron Swanson and Royal Tenenbaums illustration by Nan Lawson // Denim shirts- my go-to staple this season.

I have been nesting for fall this weekend- the inspiration to do this probably wouldn't have been so overwhelming if the temperatures hadn't dropped and we are in full swing for pumpkin spice latte season. We had the most glorious thunderstorm roll through Friday night and when we woke up Saturday morning the air was cool and crisp, leaves had fallen from the trees and it just felt like fall.

One of the most magical times of year.

Happy Sunday ...

Sunday, September 2, 2012


A new month means a new to-do list. I didn't make an over all list for the last few summer months but there are things I want to squeeze in before fall. New crafts to try, projects to finally complete, outdoor activities that require warm temps (mini golf and outdoor concerts!) ... I just love new beginnings and a new list to make.


Saturday, September 1, 2012


Dear Readers-
You really made August awesome ... and to thank you we are having 30% off in the shop from 09/01-09/08! Happy September :)

Janae and Nate

Thursday, August 30, 2012


Three things:
1. I am actually wearing something other head to toe Forever 21! (Gasps all around!) The dress is H&M last season and the bow is H&M this season.
2. There are actually leaves on the ground! and on one of our walks the other day there were leaves blowing off the trees in the breeze- its beginning to look a lot like Autumn. (Still 90 degrees though)
3. I have had the worst headache all day- and a random fact is that when I have headaches I have a crazy sense of smell. All day I have smelled onions and grass. Weird, right? I thought so too.

I am excited for the weekend as always- and am looking forward to dinner tonight with the mister, he just needs to hurry home!


Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Oh Happy Tuesday!

My goals this week: cook at least 4 meals, work on a new photo album, make some time for the pool, celebrate my new promotion with friends and family (yaaaaaayyyy!) and wear little splashes of bling with every outfit.
 she wore: Forever 21
he wore: Target tee; Levi denim

I had known for awhile I was being considered for a promotion at work and today it was made official- its an exciting new change! The mister and I celebrated tonight with some Italian cooking and That 70's Show reruns- doesn't sound like much but it was actually pretty perfect.


Monday, August 27, 2012


1. chocolate drizzle cream horns and coffee
2. Energy drinks from the craziest super market ever
3. Penny talk by Essie
4. a handsome husband
5. said husbands new killer kicks
6. meringue cookies and sweet wine (decided pink is the best by default)
7. September issues are the best
8. sleepy Stella


Friday, August 24, 2012


Happy Friday dear readers, are you as happy as I am?

she wore: Forever 21

I could live in denim shirts. All.The.Time.

And Stella Bean says hello :)

This week I picked up a few new little treasures .... 
Those would be some stud earrings to wear on shirt collars (poor and impatient girls way of studding ha!) Delightfully 90's grunge inspired plaid leggings and a faux Ostrich wallet- I love the bold contemporary stripe!

Tomorrow we are having a Nate and Janae day- my favorite kind of day, in all honesty. Running around and doing nothing in particular but enjoying each others company!

I hope you had/have a stellar Friday night!