Wednesday, December 28, 2011


This ahhh-mazing vintage arrow ring is my favorite gift from the mister this year. I absolutely adore it!

I have been compiling a 'Greatest Hits' album of photos tonight for an end of the year celebration of all the amazingness that has happened. From our new apartment, the best Valentines day, and our first solo vacation, these are all things I will remember and cherish from 2011.

I am getting all sentimental. That's just what the close of a good year does to a girl!


Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Today was a day meant to stay inside. Its a slushy-rainy snow day thats fa-fa-fa-reezing. With the mister still sick and sleeping in bed I pretty much had the whole day to do whatever I pleased, so I filled my time with journaling, idea making, reading, and pinning.

I am desperate for some new recipes, so I suppose I will head on over to Tastespotting for some inspiration. Seriously, an amazing site!

Happy Cozy Tuesday!


Monday, December 26, 2011


Boo gets me every time :) Have you seen his book? Beyond adorbs- just ... beyond. Well, I am taking care of a very sick husband. And by taking care I mean I peek in and bring him 7UP and make sure he has enough blankets. Lets be honest here, I really don't want the sickness. So I am watching reruns of Felicity, googling images of Boo and catching up on blogs. Which, if you have an affinity for dollhouses check out this blog. Amazing. The whole blog is so inspiring!

Happy day after Christmas! Was Santa good to you?


Sunday, December 25, 2011


Merry Christmas! I hope you all had the most magical of days!

 she wore: Forever 21 with exception of Vintage Ring- Christmas gift from the Husb :)

 We may not have had a white Christmas but we sure had a merry one full of family, fun, and of course ... food!

Janae + Nate

Thursday, December 22, 2011


1. SUPPLIES NEEDED: Felt in multiple colors, Styrofoam wreath, magnets, glue, scissors. STEP 2: Cut out your felt circles, I used different sized paint bottles as my stencil, you could use any round object. STEP 3: Plan your circles, how you want them layered, what color order. STEP 4: Glue your circles down. Make sure you use a glue that won't melt foam, read the lable to make sure it is truly a multi purpose glue. STEP 5: Glue magnets or a hook to the back of your wreath. I used magnets because we have a metal door.

Super simple, and with the blue color palette I plan on keeping this one on the door all through the winter!

Happy Crafting!


Wednesday, December 21, 2011


This project was so much fun to do! I love all of the banners I have been seeing lately and am obsessing over making ones for my favorite holidays.

 You will need: letter stencils (these are actually little post its I found at Target), felt, fabric, ruler, scissors, needle, embroidery thread, rope and a pen. Step 1: place your letters on the base felt color to measure what size you want your square. Step 2: Cut your felt letters out of your second felt color. I traced mine but you could easily just cut around the letters. Step 3: Sew your letters on to your base felt with contrasting embroidery thread. Step 4: Cut out your fabric that will make your banner 'Flag'. I added an inch and a half all the way around. Hem, and fold one end down and create a place for your rope to slide through. Step 5: Sew your letter patches onto your 'flags'. Step 6: String onto your rope, space as desired. Tie the ends off in a loop for easy hanging.
 You can use any holiday saying you want, use your creativity! I am really enjoying the 'Be Merry' theme this year for our nest. Peace & Joy, Merry Christmas, Be Jolly, Ho Ho Ho are some other ones that would be cute :)

Happy Holiday Crafting!


Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Whats better on a gloomy December day than a pop of coral?

And my cape?

 she wore: Forever 21

I need a haircut in a bad way- and sitting on the old fence on whether bangs are still worth it or not? Its these tough decisions that keep me up at night. 

Just kidding, but it is a rather difficult decision, inevitably whatever I go with I will want the opposite.

But enough ramblings about bangs, how was your Tuesday? Today was my 'Friday', thats right, this girl has the next two days off and I am oh so glad! I think I need a really good sleep. And some at home Christmas merriment. 



Monday, December 19, 2011


Don't you just love presents under the tree? Most of our gifts have arrived and are wrapped and ready to go. We chose brown paper with yarn, pipe cleaners, wrapping paper cut outs and paint pens to decorate them. I love how they turned out :)

 6 days until Christmas! This week I will have some little crafts that are quick and easy to add some more last minute holiday cheer!


Sunday, December 18, 2011


2012 is only 2 weeks away and that means it is time to make pans for the coming year. This is really one of my favorite things to do seeing as I am a pro list maker. The mister and I have some pretty big plans up our sleeves and I have pages filled with new ideas of things to create, write about, find, and experience.

I make a lot of goals and plans. I have my Birthday goal list that I shared back in November. This goal list is usually made up of short term goals. Things that can be accomplished and broken down almost monthly. This list is good for keeping momentum. For the New Year I try not to make 'resolutions'. I try and make it more of long term goals and plans, these may take a few months to come to fruition, they take more planning, and more energy to accomplish.
I have unofficially deemed this year as my year of personal growth. As I have gotten older I have started to really value and appreciate the awesome-ness of learning new things and pushing yourself to try something new. I am so excited to share these things with you as I work on these goals.

How are your plans for 2012 coming along? I'd love to hear any that you are excited about!


Saturday, December 17, 2011


**Warning, this cape will be photographed often in the coming months and many a 'clever' title to accompany!**

Happy Saturday!

I had a beautiful day, I hope you all did too! This morning the husb and I cozied up with McDonalds coffee (it really is too good), Stella Bean, and Home Alone. Our first Christmas movie of the year! I know I know, its a week until Christmas and we hadn't watched a single holiday movie! don't worry, we have our others lined up to watch throughout the week. Because I know you were worried.

Tonight we went out to dinner with my family to what is probably the most delicious of all Italian eateries in these parts. I sported my Winter Leggings. They are actually sweater material and the warmest thing next to sweatpants. And a lot more appropriate to wear out than sweatpants!

 she wore: Forever 21 cape, leggings, boots; H&M sweater.
he wore: 21Mens shirt and Denim; Target jacket; Chucks

 Tonight is going to be full of painting and plotting craft ideas for the coming months. I am already scheming ideas for Valentines day :)

Hope you all have a cozy night ... only 7 more days till Christmas!



We finally got a big kid camera ... as an early Christmas present Nate and I purchased the Nikon CoolPix P500. We.Love.It.

And of course countless photos of Stella have been taken today. Such a Diva.

And those buggy eyes, oh they melt a momma's heart :)



Thursday, December 15, 2011


Hello there friends!

Have you been to the shop lately? Its all 20% off this week! Its true!

What better way to show your passion for coffee than on your dress? And I am not talking about spillage. We debated at work on whether this print was peanuts, lips, the cereal Smacks, or, as I believe it to be, coffee beans! I guess this would go under 'conversational prints' again?

 she wore: Forever 21

 Due to rain and some mighty wind I had to take cover on our balcony. It was a mild 56 degrees around here today, it almost felt like spring ... the weather is such a tease!

I finally finished our Christmas cards! Each one is different and chosen specially for its recipient, I had so much fun making them this year.
Washi Tape, Pipe Cleaners, Felt, ribbon, Polaroids, and a whole lotta glue and love :)

So glad tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!


Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Ever have trouble thinking up a post title? Yea. Me too :)

Well you guys know how much I love a Wednesday. The half way mark is a good thing. And I have been more productive this today than I have been all week ... work, picked up dinner, washed dishes, laundry, tidied my closet mess (it was starting to spill into all corners of the room, you know how it is) and later I will be finishing making our Christmas cards and addressing the envelopes! I know, it would have been more awesome if I had actually cooked dinner instead of picking it up but you know what? No one likes an overachiever ::winks!::

So I love my mint bow from Red Velvet! Mint and bows are the perfect marriage. Oh, and a star blouse. I love this star blouse. I guess they are calling these cutesy prints 'conversational prints' these days, I love them!

So to recap: Today I love mint, bows, star blouses, and 'Conversational Prints'.

 she wore: Red Velvet Mint Bow, Forever 21 Blouse, Cape, Highwaist Denim; Charlotte Russe Peachy Pink Flats.

I also love muh Mister :)