Saturday, December 17, 2011


**Warning, this cape will be photographed often in the coming months and many a 'clever' title to accompany!**

Happy Saturday!

I had a beautiful day, I hope you all did too! This morning the husb and I cozied up with McDonalds coffee (it really is too good), Stella Bean, and Home Alone. Our first Christmas movie of the year! I know I know, its a week until Christmas and we hadn't watched a single holiday movie! don't worry, we have our others lined up to watch throughout the week. Because I know you were worried.

Tonight we went out to dinner with my family to what is probably the most delicious of all Italian eateries in these parts. I sported my Winter Leggings. They are actually sweater material and the warmest thing next to sweatpants. And a lot more appropriate to wear out than sweatpants!

 she wore: Forever 21 cape, leggings, boots; H&M sweater.
he wore: 21Mens shirt and Denim; Target jacket; Chucks

 Tonight is going to be full of painting and plotting craft ideas for the coming months. I am already scheming ideas for Valentines day :)

Hope you all have a cozy night ... only 7 more days till Christmas!