Thursday, December 15, 2011


Hello there friends!

Have you been to the shop lately? Its all 20% off this week! Its true!

What better way to show your passion for coffee than on your dress? And I am not talking about spillage. We debated at work on whether this print was peanuts, lips, the cereal Smacks, or, as I believe it to be, coffee beans! I guess this would go under 'conversational prints' again?

 she wore: Forever 21

 Due to rain and some mighty wind I had to take cover on our balcony. It was a mild 56 degrees around here today, it almost felt like spring ... the weather is such a tease!

I finally finished our Christmas cards! Each one is different and chosen specially for its recipient, I had so much fun making them this year.
Washi Tape, Pipe Cleaners, Felt, ribbon, Polaroids, and a whole lotta glue and love :)

So glad tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!


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  1. you win! they are most definitely coffee beans! =)