Wednesday, December 21, 2011


This project was so much fun to do! I love all of the banners I have been seeing lately and am obsessing over making ones for my favorite holidays.

 You will need: letter stencils (these are actually little post its I found at Target), felt, fabric, ruler, scissors, needle, embroidery thread, rope and a pen. Step 1: place your letters on the base felt color to measure what size you want your square. Step 2: Cut your felt letters out of your second felt color. I traced mine but you could easily just cut around the letters. Step 3: Sew your letters on to your base felt with contrasting embroidery thread. Step 4: Cut out your fabric that will make your banner 'Flag'. I added an inch and a half all the way around. Hem, and fold one end down and create a place for your rope to slide through. Step 5: Sew your letter patches onto your 'flags'. Step 6: String onto your rope, space as desired. Tie the ends off in a loop for easy hanging.
 You can use any holiday saying you want, use your creativity! I am really enjoying the 'Be Merry' theme this year for our nest. Peace & Joy, Merry Christmas, Be Jolly, Ho Ho Ho are some other ones that would be cute :)

Happy Holiday Crafting!


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