Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Ever have trouble thinking up a post title? Yea. Me too :)

Well you guys know how much I love a Wednesday. The half way mark is a good thing. And I have been more productive this today than I have been all week ... work, picked up dinner, washed dishes, laundry, tidied my closet mess (it was starting to spill into all corners of the room, you know how it is) and later I will be finishing making our Christmas cards and addressing the envelopes! I know, it would have been more awesome if I had actually cooked dinner instead of picking it up but you know what? No one likes an overachiever ::winks!::

So I love my mint bow from Red Velvet! Mint and bows are the perfect marriage. Oh, and a star blouse. I love this star blouse. I guess they are calling these cutesy prints 'conversational prints' these days, I love them!

So to recap: Today I love mint, bows, star blouses, and 'Conversational Prints'.

 she wore: Red Velvet Mint Bow, Forever 21 Blouse, Cape, Highwaist Denim; Charlotte Russe Peachy Pink Flats.

I also love muh Mister :)



  1. That cape is PERFECT! And I've been looking at those bows from Red Velvet. I may have to grab one, this one looks so cute on you!

  2. aw shucks guys, thank you! And this bow is AH-mazing, the clementine color is on my list for Santa :)