Saturday, December 3, 2011


Happy December!

I guess I fell out of the blog-o-sphere for a few days, I actually fell out of the interwebs for a few days, an unexpected but nice break :)

On December 1st we finally caved and turned the furnace on, but only because we were pretty positive it was about 42 degrees in the apartment. It felt like the right time HA!

Today was one of those days that didn't go quite as expected. We woke up late, had to ship some lovely packages to some lovely people (we really try to avoid the post office on a Saturday!) had to run to my parents house where my daddy-o let me know that if I didn't get a new tire ASAP it would probably blow (how was I supposed to  know? I never notice these things) so we spent an hour wandering through Wal*Mart. Which I have a complex about Wal*Marts, I feel so sad there. I can't really explain it but they were the nearest tire and lube without having to make an appointment. So after an hour of sadness we headed to the park where I immediately felt better and we took these of our outfits ... then we went home, only 3 hours later than planned :)

This outfit is actually a hybrid of my last two days of outfits (unphotographed, but probably for the best, I like this version best) do you ever wear a few outfits and then realize you could have made them much better? Also, I heard that girls in China/Japan are known for wearing the same outfits multiple days in a row because they are just so awesome?? Does anyone know if this is true? I find it really fascinating!

 she wore: Forever 21
he wore: 21Mens flannel and jakcet; Levi denim

 I kind of had a mini melt down yesterday, kind of an identity crisis about my not buying clothing. I started to question what I was doing, was I crazy, whats my focus, whats my goal etc, etc, etc. Nate talked me down though, reasoned with me, brought my focus back, and lets be honest, he gave me really good advice. So props to him :)

We both agree that creative types are the hardest on themselves, we are our worst critics, and when things don't go the way we thought they would with projects and creative endeavors sometimes we have an existential crisis. So you gotta reel that craziness back in and regroup, replan, and try again. Its exhausting ... but refreshing. I am back to the drawing board with some new projects, be looking forward in the coming weeks for pretty christmas crafts and DIY projects for around the home!

Well enough blah blah- Happy Saturday Night!



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