Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Oh happy Wednesday- we are half way there guys!

I have a sleepy puppy on my arm and its pretty precious :)

I wore this on Monday- the day started off incredibly rainy so I went the way of comfortable and cover-my-hair-to-keep-it-from-poufing look.

 You know how I roll- Head to Toe F21

I am pretty sure these are my favorite boots- at least for this week :)

Aaaand I pretty much love my blingin' elephant bracelet. He is pretty rad.

Hope you all are enjoying your evening... I will be hanging with my mister man and watching some reruns, a perfect night really!


Monday, September 26, 2011


This is what I wore Saturday for the ohh... one hour? that I was actually out of the house.

 Head to toe F21

So cute mister moment in the car today:
'Out of all the guys who wanted to marry you, I am the one who got to. I had the follow through.'

 Thanks babe. And just so you all know- there was no 'all the guys' ha ha


Hope you all had a not-so-manic Monday!


Sunday, September 25, 2011


A few of my favorite moments from this week ...

 The tips of the leaves are changing// BFFs

 Sweetest thing ever// Shenanigans at the craft store

 Domesticating- I secretly love it// Pretty new accessories for fall

 Dream beverages- tiny Diet Deliciousness and Pumpkin Spice Lattes ... helloooo goodness!

 Do I need to even say anything? Caaaa-uuuttee :)

 pretty spaces to work// my 'barbie' shoes that were long lost in the depths of mess. Oh so happy to have found them ... now that its cold out ha ha

 How was your week?




Thats what I said to all the stuff in our studio this weekend. If you follow me on Twitter than you saw the pictures of what a disaster our supposed work space looked like. Horrifying, really.

Example A:

But after about 6 hours of work- rearranging a whole lotta furniture ... hello dining room table in the studio and drawing table in the dining room. Hey, whatever works right? ... we have a totally refreshed space! (enter sigh of relief)

Example B:

 I made peace with myself and finally kissed my 5 year old collection of magazines goodbye. I don't know why I kept these. They just sat in boxes but I couldn't let go. So I went through my hundreds of issues, kept the ones I really wanted for whatever momentous reason- September 2006, my first Vogue september issue I ever purchased, March 2006 Vogue- the fashion changed my life forever in that issue... you get the picture. I like to think I did the recycling center a favor.

And yes- that is a giant painting of the mister. It was recently given back to him and we aren't quite sure what to do with that bad boy... its haaaa-UGE!

So after the hard work of yesterday we took it easy this fine Sunday. I had too many cups of coffee and even took my mug with us to go get lunch. It was just.that.good.

 I love this guy :)

Well I think thats enough pictures and blab for one day! I hope your sunday is simply awesome!


Saturday, September 24, 2011


These are a new purchase this week and I must say ... l-o-v-e them!

And what better to pair them with than a lavender top, blingin' headphone necklace and a panda ring? I knew I was on to something ha ha

 You know how I roll- head to toe F21

 Every now and again I through this apartment cleaning rampage where I just start purging everything. I think I make the husbs a little nervous because all of a sudden there are just bags and boxes of stuff next to the front door ready to either meet the dumpster or be donated. I have to assure him I don't touch his things :) Yesterday was the beginning of one of those rampages where all I can think about is minimalism and get so frustrated just looking at all this stuff around me. But you creative types might understand- we like pretty things! We hoard crafting supplies, even if they are just scraps, we hang on to things that we just like the way they look without a plan of what to actually do with it. So it all piles up. Usually in our spare room/studio space. And it piles up so much that you can't even maneuver in there very easily. So this morning we purged round one. Half to the trash and half to the car to be taken to Goodwill and a few bags of clothes to pawn off on my sisters. I am rolling up my sleeves and jumping right back in. I am in this to win it!

I am so serious about this I am actually taking my 5 year old magazine collection to the recycling center today. Hundreds of magazines people. Hundreds.

Happy Saturday!