Friday, September 16, 2011


What a week!

I apologize profusely for my absenteeism. The past few days have been busy busy busy and I was feeling under the weather for some of it. My couch and I spent a lot of QT together.

The mister man and I are pretty honest about our homebodiness. I like my sleep and bumming around the house with him and Stella Bean is one of my favorite past times. But this weekend we decided we should probably expose ourselves to some good food and a little culture. We attended 'Urban Nights', which is basically a revival attempt on our downtown where restaurants, galleries, shops, street performers, and vendors all come out for a night of good food and window shopping (at least in our case!) We dined at my favorite Thai joint, and then visited with some of Nate's friends and checked out some art stuffs. It was really nice :)

This is what we wore ...
 she wore: all f21
he wore: 21Mens woven and corduroy blazer; levi denim

And I was trying to grow my bangs out- I lasted one week before realizing I just wasn't ready to let go. Also, who else is excited that it is boot season??? I personally am thrilled!

Tomorrow I am spending my day with Nate Xopher (the mister) and Lee Xopher (bro-in-law) at the Cincinnati Comic Expo. They are sharing a  table and I am pretty excited about the abounding nerdiness of the day. I love these things :) So if you happen to live in South West Ohio, by all means come and say hello!


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