Thursday, October 20, 2011


 Today is the most perfect rainy fall day. Its cold (49 degrees!) and right now I am cozy inside with my sweater, blankets, cup o' joe, Mr. Christopher, and Stella Bean.

It hasn't been all cozy and blanket filled for me though. This morning  I had to face one of my worst fears ... scratch that, I had to face what IS my worst fear. I had to have blood work done today. Do you have a fear that just totally cripples you? I will be the first to tell you my fear is INSANELY irrational. I realize that no one has ever died from lab work, I realize that no one has ever been seriously injured from this procedure and that hundreds, probably thousands of people have it done every day. But that does not change the fact that I start crying like a baby and hyperventilating. To the point where the poor lab technician must remind me that I have to breath. Sometimes I forget these things are non-negotiable!

But it always helps to have someone by your side to hold you hand. And then take you out for a delicious breakfast afterwards because you have been fasting for 12 hours and if you don't get a coffee stat it may get ugly! And that's just what the mister did for me, we gorged on pumpkin pancakes (its a food miracle!) french toast and hashbrowns and drank a lot of terrible tasting coffee and things didn't seem so bad anymore.

So thank you dear husband for helping me with my fears and for always being there to hold my hand :)



  1. i haaaaaaate blood work with a passion! why do medical workers not understand that blood work is no fun for the person being needled? no one gets it done for fun or out of boredom. we are there because we are not well and it is scary and they are sometimes mean. i shake and cry and they squint their eyes and tut. rude.

    apologies for the rant. i wish i had pumpkin pancakes right now.


  2. LOL Oh you made me laugh!! :) I agree 110%.

    I told Nate I am not held responsible for anything I say or do while under the influence of terror, I warned him of this because at one visit I asked the tech how could he sleep at night doing this to people everyday?!?

    Don't worry, I later apologized but still. Thats a job I could never dream of having. Ever.