Monday, October 17, 2011


It was actually a glorious Monday. Those are the most precious of Mondays and I will try and remember this one for while :)

Oh, you want to know why it was glorious?? Well lets see ... 1. I got to do a really fun task at work. Probably the most fun task I have done in awhile! 2. I got a new curling iron (hurrah!) 3. The mister and I had a tremendous work out. I might actually start liking the gym one of these days :) 4. I am crossing things off my to-do list like a champ 5. The weather was so beautiful and perfect and the weatherman says tomorrow will be cold and rainy and I am actually pretty pleased with this prediction so that I can finally wear sweaters in the appropriate climate.

So ... Glorious.

 she wore: Sweater/Skirt/Ring/Shoes F21; H&M pony scarf
he wore: UO tee; Levi Denim

 Glitter Oxfords are awesome.  And so are scarves with ponies on them.

Happy Monday- here is to a good week!


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