Monday, October 10, 2011


 One of my goals for my 24th year of life was to create a puppy accessory for Stella. So last night I finally sat down and did it :) This is a super easy bow ... it would be cute smaller as a bow tie for a boy dog too ... and it simply slides onto the collar so its not an extra piece around their neck! Comfort first for our little critters, right?

Supplies: Piece of fabric, Thread (I used embroidery thread to be more decorative), Scissors.
Step 1: Cut a large rectangle for the bow and a small rectangle for the center. My large piece is about 8" and the small is about 2 1/2". I just eyeballed them, and depending on the size of your pet and preference these may vary.
 Step 2: Begin hemming your large piece of fabric and then move on to your smaller piece.
 Step 3: Once you have hemmed your small piece go ahead and leave the thread un-knotted, you can resume using the same thread to finish up in step 5.
 Step 4: Scrunch the center of the bow together and wrap the smaller piece around it. Remember that your pets collar has to fit through here so don't make it too tight!
 Step 5: Begin sewing the middle part together with the extra thread you left hanging.
 Step 6: Knot if off securely and trim off any excess thread/threads.
Ta-Da! You just made your pet one snazzy accessory :)

And you better believe Stella will be getting a themed bow for just about every holiday now! 

Happy Crafting!


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