Saturday, October 1, 2011


When I saw this cozy I just about died and went to heaven ... ummm, hello leaves, birds, and princess castles!?! Thats like 3 of my favorite things all on one garment. It was meant to be. I just know it.

 Its just ... F21. 

And even though this cozy is sweet enough on its own, I added the lace tank and bow necklace for good measure.

And I realize I always look so uber serious in my outfit posts. I am really not that serious of a person. I am going to work on smiling more. Especially since I smile on here all the time :) :)

The husbs and I had a little Hers and His meeting tonight to plan some changes for this month. I am really looking forward to it. I have thought up some more post ideas and I am determined to be better about doing my DIY projects. Its been such a long time since I got oh so very crafty. I miss it.

I hope your saturday evenings were ahhh-mazing! We are getting up bright and early for a fun photo shoot! eek excited!


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