Tuesday, August 30, 2011


There was a time where fringe everyday all day was a-ok. And I am thinking that I should have been hitting my prime right around then. I suppose I could still sport the fringe everyday now ... but then I don't really want to be branded as "that girl-who-always-wears-fringe". So when I wear it I enjoy it for all its worth and when its a lovey shade of rusty pumpkin- well that just makes it all the better.

 Oh you know it-head to toe F21

I am super tired today and I think it shows in these pictures (Honestly I thought I was smiling more, it must have all been in my brains). Two days in a row of 4am wake up call and its taking its toll. Thankfully I get to sleep in tomorrow- even if its just till 7am, I'll take it! 

I am currently waiting for a package from Gap to come in the mail and I am as anxious as a kid waiting for Santa Claus. I feel like this package just might just make my fall wardrobe completely perfect.  

What are you looking forward to right now?

Monday, August 29, 2011


Pretty much obsessed with Christopher Kane's Galaxy-Print-Magnificence this season. I am just all a tizzy for anything galactic, space, nebula-like and am trying oh so hard to patiently wait for the trend to trickle down to a more wallet friendly brands. (or I win the lotto)

So delightful :)


Sunday, August 28, 2011


What a glorious Sunday!

This morning Nate and I woke up early and went for a walk- it was the perfect cool morning that has me thinking serious thoughts about fall :) We had friends over for brunch who we don't get to see often enough and finished the night off with a dinner with my family and another little walk with Stella Bean. It was perfectly relaxing.

 Everything with the exception of platform is Forever 21; Big Buddha platforms

I am pretty obsessed with my collection of chiffon cozies (are they cozies if they aren't knit??) The perfect layering piece for summer and still appropriate for cooler months with long sleeved options underneath. I love this one with the little blue birds. I am seriously obsessing over the one with fringed edges that I highlighted here

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend- always sad to see mine come to an end. So here is to a great new week! ::cheers!::


Friday, August 26, 2011


To cap off our Back-To-School Week we're showing off our Top 5 Hollywood high schools. No, these aren't actual schools in Hollywood, CA, but just our favorite schools on film... in no particular order.

Sunnydale (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) is not a high school we'd actually like to attend, but one we definitely enjoy watching. This school lost so many students (and one principal) to demons, werewolves, lake monsters, ghosts, witchcraft, people possessed by hyenas, giant bugs, and of course vampires. With kids dying every week, there's no way we'd want to go to school there. Still, we'd love to be a part of the Scooby gang and hang out with Buffy, Willow, Xander, Oz and occasionally Cordelia and Angel. Oh and we can't forget Giles in the library. That school may have a low survival rate, but they have an awesome library.

John Adams High (Boy Meets World) is a much safer school. Even if Harley and the other bullies start picking on you, Mr. Turner and Mr. Feeny will always be there to bail you out. Seriously, how cool was Mr. Turner? A motorcyling English teacher who has an earring, mullet and tight pants? Awesome. And we could never say enough about Mr. Feeny. He's the ultimate teacher/principal/next door neighbor/college professor. We'd probably watch an entirely separate series just about Mr. Feeny and Eric. That'd be a good spin off.  Anyway, this is a really low-risk high school where everybody generally gets along and learns life lessons together.

Rydell (Grease) is one of those classic 1950s high schools where everybody is either a square or a greaser and if you're from one group (caste, maybe?) you can't hang out with anybody from the opposite group. If you wear a leather jacket, you can't be with someone in a letter jacket. You know, the same type of school as in Crybaby. I love Danny Zucko's (don't pretend you don't know who he is) behavior in high school sports. What's funny about this particular musical (besides the fact that I can actually watch this one without wishing I was doing something else) is that Danny (greaser) tries to change himself into a square to appeal to Sandy while she's trying to change herself into into a leather wearer.

Rushmore (Rushmore) is just fun. They have EVERYTHING there! And if they don't, it's apparently pretty easy to start a new club- fencing, kite flying, debate team, trap and skeet team, stamp and coin club, bombardment society, lacrosse, model UN, bee keeping,  and the plays were EPIC! No wonder Max put all of his effort and energy into this school - or at least the extra-curricular activities. PS check out this awesome pencil set. Too bad it sold over a year ago...

Any John Hughes high school. They're all pretty much the same right? Just the most extreme examples of public schools in the 80s. Instead of greasers vs squares, we have jocks vs criminals vs rich kids vs weirdos vs nerds and whoever else. In the end, the students usually end up learning that life is more than stereotypes, but they do nothing to actually change the system. Even in Breakfast Club after the kids all become friends during detention, they acknowledge that they will not remain friends when the new school week starts. Maybe that's the truest lesson of Back-To-School week - you need to know yourself, be true to yourself, try to have fun and treat everyone with respect regardless of clique or caste, even if you can't break down and change the stereotypes inherent in high school.

Hope you enjoyed our first theme week!
Nate and Janae

Thursday, August 25, 2011


Well folks, we are finally on Blog Lovin'! This really is a handy site, I follow so many blogs and its so easy to find all my favorites here and at-a-glance on which posts I find the most interesting that day. So show us some love and visit us here :)



Molly Ringwald in Pretty in Pink
1. Pretty Floral Top//Modcloth
2. Pretty Accessories for your Pretty Shoes// Ban.do
3. Prettiest Ruffle Socks// American Apparel
4. Fringe and Satin Layering Perfection// Threadsence
5. Pretty Beaded Vintage// Wild Tea Party on Etsy
6. Mint Tiered Lovliness// Romwe

Cindy Williams in American Graffiti
1. Sweet Blouses// French Toast
2. Bows and Plaid Headbands// Forever21
3. Skinny belts in Sweet colors// Urban Outfitters
4. Sweet Plaid Skirts// Modcloth
5. Your Boyfriends Sweater (but not really)// Forever21
6. A New Spin on Loafers// Nine West

Olivia Newton-John in Grease
1. Studded Leather Jacket//AlpineStars
2. The Perfect Sheer Tank// The Row
3. The Toughest of Boots// Jimmy Choo
4. Pretty Tough Bow Bag// 3.1 Phillip Lim
5. Shiny Leggings// American Apparel

Just spent my morning drinking too many cups o' joe and day dreaming about all the back to school clothes that would rock my world :)

Hope you feel inspired today!


Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Oh what a Wednesday! It was a gloriously sunny and ridiculously hot day around these parts, also extremely windy! So had I worn my hair down instead of my 'Carrie Bradshaw' bun I probably could have gotten some pretty epic wind-in-hair shots. Hindsight, eh?

she wore: F21 Head to Toe

I am currently half way through Elle's September Issue and loving it! I am so ready for fall- as you can probably tell by this outfit! Tights in 90 degree weather is probably jumping the gun a bit but I am just so anxious for cooler days :)

Next up Vogue- what magazines are you looking forward to?? I feel a giant inspiration board coming on!



All of this has really made me start thinking about my own high school years - the memories, the people, the fun, the regrets and all of the lessons you learn that aren't actually part of the curriculum. Yes, the high school years are different for everyone, but I think there are plenty of common threads to which we can all relate. After all, there has to be some reason why high school is such a popular setting for tv and movies. So here are some of the common lessons I think (hope) we all learned in high school.

These are not the best years of your life. Why should they be? Better things still lie ahead. You don't want your life to peak at 17 years old.

These won't be the worst years of your life. Too many people look back at these years with too much regret. Yes, things are still awkward and you will still have bad hair choices or the cute girl might not go to the dance with you, but you're still in a generally low-risk environment.

Don't take it too seriously. High school problems are really just high school problems. There's a much bigger world out there. And out there, nobody cares that Ashley bought the same homecoming dress as you or whatever other drama high school girls care about.

Take it seriously. College is horrifyingly expensive and good grades can lead to good scholarships at good schools. Good schools don't always equal good jobs right out of college, though.

You will never need to know most of the things they teach you. High school is still general schooling so they are teaching you a wide variety of subjects that will become less important as you start specializing. I guess the "you might be on Jeopardy some day" defense still holds, though.

The popular kids are only the kings and queens while in high school. Yes, the real world has rich people, successful people, and athletes, but no "popular" people. It's usually the nerds who shake out on top.

Don't be afraid to be a floater. It's good and natural to have different types of friends for different aspects of your personality and different interests. Why can't you be friends with football players and chess players?

Some friendships last forever. Others don't. People always come and go through your life. Don't count on your freshman BFF to be forever.

Everyone takes a different path through life. Be conscious of where you are going.

Move on. Enjoy the time spent in high school, but it ends with graduation. Try not to linger too long - your journey is just beginning.

- Nate

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Ahh, don't you just love helping to save the planet, and new school supplies? Check out these super cool school supplies that don't scream "TREE HUGGER!!" and one of them is even a fun DIY (thanks design*sponge, I heart you!)

Oh- and these are not just for the kiddos, I think they are just as cool for the office or home office :)

I love love love my goodbyn, I have this pretty purple hue!

 When I was a kid we had scented crayola crayons and I am pretty sure that nothing about those helped the planet ... but these are pretty awesome recycled pens and come with cool names like Ninja Berry and Aloha ... shop smencils at Uncommon Goods.
I think these are super pretty- and just begging for a good art project- recycled colored pencils from Green Backpack

 This is a great DIY project for using scrape paper- I think they would look cool done in old comic books too for the boys- Design*Sponge.

My baby sister started her senior year of high school today! Yikes I feel crazy old, I remember picking her up in front of her elementary school- they grow up so fast! 

I hope you all had a terrific Tuesday! Almost half way through the week!

I used a lot of exclamation marks today- I must be excited! :) :)


Monday, August 22, 2011


I felt really girl-y this morning when putting my outfit together. I am pretty much in l-o-v-e with this skirt because the movement of it is like crazy perfection. Yes, I go as far as to say crazy perfection! And honestly, give me lavender, pumpkin, peach, mint, or cream right now and I am a happy girl, so basically, I was happy today :)

 she wore: American Apparel Skirt; F21 Woven, flats, sunglasses; Department Store hair clip

 I actually picked this hair pouf up this weekend when I want back to school shopping with my little sister, I bought it in this creamy-pink color and a peachy pink. Pretty excited about wearing them a hundred different ways this fall ... and even dreaming up ways to make my own! 

I hope everyone's week started off on a fabulous note!! :)