Thursday, August 11, 2011


So like Janae mentioned the other day, we've both been working hard on working harder. We both have so many ideas, but some days it's just hard to find the motivation to get started. The last two weeks have been super stressful for both of us (Back to School is not an easy time to work in retail or University housing) so after busting ourselves 8+ hours at work, it's difficult to come home and do anything besides sit on the couch and watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer on Netflix. One evening while debating what to do, we decided we really should be creative. Once we got started we didn't want to stop. It carried over in to last weekend and has trickled on a little through this week. Really, all it took was that first step in to doing something that kept us going. It's just about making time, wanting to do it, and then actually doing it. Here are a few teasers of things we're working on.

Watch for some of these projects to be hitting the shop this weekend!

(footnote: words of wisdom can come from anywhere ... the title of this post came from an old episode of power rangers)

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