Tuesday, August 30, 2011


There was a time where fringe everyday all day was a-ok. And I am thinking that I should have been hitting my prime right around then. I suppose I could still sport the fringe everyday now ... but then I don't really want to be branded as "that girl-who-always-wears-fringe". So when I wear it I enjoy it for all its worth and when its a lovey shade of rusty pumpkin- well that just makes it all the better.

 Oh you know it-head to toe F21

I am super tired today and I think it shows in these pictures (Honestly I thought I was smiling more, it must have all been in my brains). Two days in a row of 4am wake up call and its taking its toll. Thankfully I get to sleep in tomorrow- even if its just till 7am, I'll take it! 

I am currently waiting for a package from Gap to come in the mail and I am as anxious as a kid waiting for Santa Claus. I feel like this package just might just make my fall wardrobe completely perfect.  

What are you looking forward to right now?

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