Wednesday, August 24, 2011


All of this has really made me start thinking about my own high school years - the memories, the people, the fun, the regrets and all of the lessons you learn that aren't actually part of the curriculum. Yes, the high school years are different for everyone, but I think there are plenty of common threads to which we can all relate. After all, there has to be some reason why high school is such a popular setting for tv and movies. So here are some of the common lessons I think (hope) we all learned in high school.

These are not the best years of your life. Why should they be? Better things still lie ahead. You don't want your life to peak at 17 years old.

These won't be the worst years of your life. Too many people look back at these years with too much regret. Yes, things are still awkward and you will still have bad hair choices or the cute girl might not go to the dance with you, but you're still in a generally low-risk environment.

Don't take it too seriously. High school problems are really just high school problems. There's a much bigger world out there. And out there, nobody cares that Ashley bought the same homecoming dress as you or whatever other drama high school girls care about.

Take it seriously. College is horrifyingly expensive and good grades can lead to good scholarships at good schools. Good schools don't always equal good jobs right out of college, though.

You will never need to know most of the things they teach you. High school is still general schooling so they are teaching you a wide variety of subjects that will become less important as you start specializing. I guess the "you might be on Jeopardy some day" defense still holds, though.

The popular kids are only the kings and queens while in high school. Yes, the real world has rich people, successful people, and athletes, but no "popular" people. It's usually the nerds who shake out on top.

Don't be afraid to be a floater. It's good and natural to have different types of friends for different aspects of your personality and different interests. Why can't you be friends with football players and chess players?

Some friendships last forever. Others don't. People always come and go through your life. Don't count on your freshman BFF to be forever.

Everyone takes a different path through life. Be conscious of where you are going.

Move on. Enjoy the time spent in high school, but it ends with graduation. Try not to linger too long - your journey is just beginning.

- Nate

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