Friday, August 5, 2011


I read blogs constantly- I have so many blogs saved to my favorites its unreal, but there are a handful that I read on a regular basis. They are the ones that have inspired me, entertained me, and interested me time and time again. I think its oh so important for bloggers to reach out to other bloggers because this is one crazy fun community we are a part of! :)

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Elsie has quickly become one of my greatest role models for a do-it-yourself career. Shop owner, artist, and now fashion designer this girl is beyond talented. You will walk away from her blog feeling like you could conquer the world :)

This cool Brit is like a daily dose of creative crack ... her bathroom outfit posts, artwork, and recaps of events are spaz-tastic and a face full of color and life. Her originality and in your face honesty to herself is addictive! 

Jenny is just so darn cute and has an amazing vintage shop on etsy and has a house straight from the mid century that makes me go ::Swoon:: She has two beautiful kiddos and is raising her own chickens ... talk about a momma who does it all :)

Jeana Sohn created Closet Visit with the idea of photographing whats really in someone else's  closet. I am openly obsessed with clothing and looking at these photos and seeing how others create their outfits is really inspiring. 

Corey's cheerful disposition and dreamy outfits make this SoCal girl a top read. Her love for vintage, her pup, her mister, and anything peach are frequent topics of discussion, oh, and Disneyland :) Be prepared to feel lighthearted!

Betty is another fashion blog I just can't get enough of! This Parisian almost convinces me on a daily basis to drop my soft vintage look for rocker chic. She wears leather and glitter like its as common as denim and cotton ... pretty fab!

Happy Reading and thanks for letting me share :)


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