Friday, August 12, 2011


So Janae's list made me think to myself what movies would make my Top 5. There are a ton of movies that, if I noticed it was on TV, I could sit and watch the rest of it regardless of what point of the movie I came in on. Either of the first two Terminator movies or any super hero movie, for instance. Then there are all of the movies that are brilliantly done and that I love. Pulp Fiction, The Royal Tenenbaums, or Fight Club are good examples. There are some movies I'm fascinated by and want to watch more often like Brick or Donnie Darko. Then there are the movies that are always good for some laughs like Ghostbusters or Forgetting Sarah Marshall. But if I'm home alone on a weeknight while Janae is stuck at work, those probably aren't the first movies I'd turn to. No, there are some movies that I can watch any day of the week or even multiple days in the same week, no matter what my mood. Here are my Top 5.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is one of those movies of my childhood. As a kid, I liked the sequel (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: Secret of the Ooze) better, but as my tastes have matured, I can see the first movie was the best. This is more than just a story about turtles who beat up ninjas, it's a story about family. Mostly ninja turtles, but there's a lot in there about family too. Oh and I love how horribly 90s it is.

I love TMNT

X-Men was the first of the big super hero movies that helped make it a standard genre in cinema. I can still remember how excited I was that one of my favorite comic book and cartoon franchises was being made in to a serious movie. Since it was one of the first, they kept it pretty low key (all black uniforms) and as realistic as you can make a movie about guys who can shoot lasers out of their eyes. Most people will tell you the sequel was the best of these movies, but I still prefer the first. It just has so much promise for a movie franchise that ultimately went the wrong direction. Still, with perfect casting it's amazing to see some of my characters really come to life.

My X-Men love

The original Star Wars trilogy is probably in every nerd's top 5. Out of this trilogy (I'm completely neglecting the newer trilogy... those movies are awful) Episode V is definitely the best, but I still find myself preferring Episode IV. Like with the X-Men movies, I guess I just like origin stories. I like to see how the gang gets together. Or maybe it's just because the first in a trilogy is the first one you see, so I always think of it first. Now that I'm thinking about it, I really do like Ep V and Ep VI probably just as much.

My favorite Star Wars character

Toy Story has become a modern classic. Pixar has been making hit after hit ever since this gem blew everyone's mind in 95. Well....... the Cars movies don't quite do it for me, but everything else has been phenomenal. And sure, maybe the graphics haven't aged that well but they were incredible back in the day. The movie more than holds up, though and is still my favorite of the three. I was so excited when they showed the first two back to back in the theatre to hype the third one. Even from the beginning, Pixar hit on the right balance between humor and heart.

Quick Toy Story sketch

Scott Pilgrim vs the World is where our two Top 5 lists finally overlap. Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with her list, and I enjoy watching most of them, but Scott Pilgrim is the only one I'll go to again and again. I loved reading the graphic novels and this movie does them total justice. Sure they changed some things, but they got the feeling right (and some changes I even prefer, like the bass battle). It's really a brilliant way to show the troubles of relationships, the baggage we carry, and how sometimes we are our own worst enemies. Plus the fight scenes are totally rad, the nerd culture references are awesome, and the sound track is epic.

Scott Pilgrim vs. the Fan Art

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