Friday, August 10, 2012


The highlight of starting school when I was a kid would be, naturally, the back to school shopping- new pencils, notebooks, folders (be cool and keep them plain, or geek out and get the cute kitten? Decisions!), and of course backpacks. Backpacks were the best part because we didn't get a new one every year so when it was a year for an upgrade my sister and I would take the process of picking one out pretty seriously (some matching ones ensued).

If I were going back to school this year I would be hard pressed to find the 'perfect' backpack- since these bags are so chic right now there are more options than ever. But here are three that I found that would be top contenders and the cutest tote I ever did see thrown in for kicks :)

1. Stripe-tastic // Modcloth
2. Sleepy Kitty // Forever 21
3. Quilted perfection // UO
4. Pug tote // Modcloth



  1. I was totally the kid who couldn't wait to buy new stationery for school!!

    That pug bag is so, so adorable!


  2. All lovely backpacks - but OMG the pug tote is to die for!! <3