Saturday, August 18, 2012


 she wore: Forever21 tee
he wore: Target Thor tee
lyrics: Queens of the Stoneage

I have a love/hate relationship with graphic tees. Serious phases of collecting and purging. However, the bold typography type I could see keeping around for awhile- especially this one. Its actually quite the happy reminder isn't it? And really fitting for me this week as I have had some moments of self doubt and frustration over my short comings. But we all have those moments and we all see in ourselves what we lack- we just have to remember that for some divine reason its a part of who we are as individuals (thats $1.00 for that impromptu therapy sesh). 

Today I swore I would wear nothing but leggings and it felt AH-mazing. I did keep the causal balanced with these too-high-wedge-for-gravel-trekking leopard booties because I like to feel pulled together even if just heading out to the local quarry.  And I finally acquired/wore my 'John Lennon' sunnies- I know these are a great debate amongst the fashion lovers out there but I love them. I always have and there is nothing you can say to change my mind ;)

Pretty excited for tomorrow, another care free day- I am planning on making a ton of pancakes in the morning. I really love a good pancake. 


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  1. Your shoes are amazing!!

    Enjoy the pancakes!