Tuesday, September 11, 2012


The key to organizing odds and ends around the house is coming up with containment solutions. We all collect little bits of random things, small objects, keys, cosmetics and creating small spaces specifically for these items will give you a more harmonious home.
Trays, canisters, and mason jars make excellent hold-alls. I love the kitchen accessories at Anthropologie- their porcelain berry baskets make great spots for hairgoods, bracelets, and rings. The chalkboard trend is super fun for those who love labeling- a caddy for remotes and loose cables such as phone chargers and USB cables keeps your coffee and end tables clear. I love using clear glass jars to store my nail polishes, easy to see and doesn't take up precious counter and drawer space on my vanity! Trays are a great way to keep like items together- by our front door I made this small display for our collection of sunnies, I hang our more frequently used glasses on the tree sculpture and let the others rest in the tray. Create pretty displays on cake stands, in bell jars, and in bowls with seasonal items (like the gourds above) to add interest to book shelves and tables.
Make a pretty tray for your odds and ends! I re-styled this wooden tray to go better with our bedroom decor. What you need: wooden tray, new or old (you can get them for a few bucks at the craft store), paint, metallic paper, and glue. Simply paint your tray and cut your paper to line the tray to size- securely glue into place. Thanks to the magic of fast drying acrylic paint this project can be completed in about a half hour!

Happy organizing!


  1. That tray looks so cute. Isn't Daisy just the loveliest perfume!


  2. Love the tray! Looks beautiful and well organized. :)