Saturday, October 22, 2011


What a fantastic fall day! I mean, we woke up with the sun shining in, we had two delicious cups of coffee, snuggles, and then we layered on sweaters and jackets and headed out to one of the best places on earth (at least is SW Ohio) Youngs Jersey Dairy.

I have been going to Youngs for good ole fashion fun since I was little, my obsession with Tater Babies only grows more every year- they are the most delicious potato wedge you will ever have. Promise. And lets not forget the crowning glory .... drum roll ... PUMPKIN MILKSHAKE. It is like having cold creamy pumpkin pie in your mouth. I cannot even describe.

Here is a peek at our corn mazing, tater baby eatin', milkshake sippin' kind of an afternoon :)

 We answered some questions right that were along the trail so we won a coupon! Yay! :)

 I spent my evening cooking chili and baking muffins ... recipes coming soon!


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  1. i equally love that shirt and the idea of that milkshake. i really want both right now.