Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Fickle. I had never really thought about it until sometime last week but that is exactly what I am. I am constantly inspired and motivated by different things and this in turn changes my likes, tastes, and affections very quickly. One minute I am all about cozy Vintage- opulent prints and fabrics, layering and bohemian vibes and the next I am all about Minimalism- clean lines, simple color palette, sleek fabrics and design. Its a hard thing to keep up with sometimes! And these mind changings of mine affect every part of Nate and I's life ha! From redecorating the house (hello late night mega purges!), how I dress, my artwork and craft, to the blog design. I have been playing around a lot this week with this here bloggy blog and have decided I am in the mood for minimalism right now. We have been minimizing the apartment- cleaning out, de-cluttering, introducing more white, and stream lining the colors we use to ones we really love and make a great impact!

Maybe this is a creative mind syndrome? Do you other creative thinkers have this same dilemma? It makes me feel a little spastic sometimes- I am hoping as I get older I can get into my own groove of things and the transforming will slow down some- maybe to once a year instead of every 3 months? :)  

Just a Tuesday morning thought.



  1. I definitely feel that constantly changing inspiration is the affliction of only the creative mind! i've become more and more comfortable with not having something "signature" about my style; the signature is that it's diverse! and isn't that what progress is all about? ups and downs that ultimately go up to a greater end result? thanks for sharing that little thought, it was very encouraging! love the minimalistic stage while you can, it never lasts long for me haha ;)

  2. I will definitely be soaking it up while I have it!

    Thank you!

  3. I am so fickle! I'm an art-specialist teacher so maybe it is a creative thing.

    Sometimes I really want to be more minimalist but I can't bring myself to get rid of things.