Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Its another delightfully overcast day- who knew I would be so happy to have gray skies and cool temps?

We had to take Stella Bean to the vet today, and this abandoned building stands next to it. I rather enjoy the mac n' cheese orange paint job, its pretty fantastic. And thanks to gloomy days I have had The Good, The Bad, and The Queen songs running through this brain of mine. If you have never heard their music, you probably should, its a perfect mellow sound.

 she wore: F21 Denim and Cardi; Heritage 1981 Tank; Target Sandals and Faux Fox Tail; Boutique bag
 he wore: 21Mens Flannel; Levi denim; Chucks

 This tank top helped to satisfy my need for something galactic inspired, and it was only 13 bucks (score!). 

Stella wanted in on the photo action, isn't she caaaa-ute? :)

 Happy Tuesday everyone, tomorrow is hump day!


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