Sunday, September 25, 2011



Thats what I said to all the stuff in our studio this weekend. If you follow me on Twitter than you saw the pictures of what a disaster our supposed work space looked like. Horrifying, really.

Example A:

But after about 6 hours of work- rearranging a whole lotta furniture ... hello dining room table in the studio and drawing table in the dining room. Hey, whatever works right? ... we have a totally refreshed space! (enter sigh of relief)

Example B:

 I made peace with myself and finally kissed my 5 year old collection of magazines goodbye. I don't know why I kept these. They just sat in boxes but I couldn't let go. So I went through my hundreds of issues, kept the ones I really wanted for whatever momentous reason- September 2006, my first Vogue september issue I ever purchased, March 2006 Vogue- the fashion changed my life forever in that issue... you get the picture. I like to think I did the recycling center a favor.

And yes- that is a giant painting of the mister. It was recently given back to him and we aren't quite sure what to do with that bad boy... its haaaa-UGE!

So after the hard work of yesterday we took it easy this fine Sunday. I had too many cups of coffee and even took my mug with us to go get lunch. It was just.that.good.

 I love this guy :)

Well I think thats enough pictures and blab for one day! I hope your sunday is simply awesome!



  1. loving the new space! i always feel so peaceful after turning chaos into order... really inspired to do things and make the space all messy again. ;)


  2. I feel like the wide open floor space is just begging for me to sprawl a project over it :)