Sunday, September 11, 2011


 Enjoying Fro' Yo' as much as possible and playing video games with my mister.

 Oh you know, just stylin' my barbies and celebrating birthdays.

 Pumpkins! And a mob of ducks kept us entertained.

 This little lady melts my heart every day. And this was the best weather forecast I had seen in a long while!

 Watching pretty purple sunsets and going out on dates with the best husbs ever :)

 Fancy shoes and playing with new toys with Stella. 

I have been eluding to a new project that I have been waiting to put into the shop ... well here is the official unofficial unveiling ha ha. I have a strange obsession with all things AirStream so one day I just sat down and started painting my dream trailer. Well that turned into 4 and now here we are. This week prints of these trailers will be available in the shop- I will post the official announcement on the day :) I am pretty excited to finally put some of my own creations in the shop and not just my vintage finds!


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