Monday, September 19, 2011


I spent my Saturday gettin' muh nerd on at the Cincinnati Comic Expo. The mister and his brother had a table so I was free to wander and see the sights to be seen. The men folk had a very busy table (so proud of them!!) so for awhile I walked around downtown where Oktoberfest was in full swing. I also window shopped at Saks and Tiffanys :) I enjoyed a lunch by myself on the patio with Strawberry lemonade and a Margherita Pizza while watching intoxicated people dancing and laughing too loudly. It was a lovely afternoon :) :)

 How cute is this?!
 I l-o-v-e Tiffanys summer window display ... caaaaa-hute!

 I love how getting older it becomes more and more ok to venture and do things on your own. I actually really enjoyed my lonesome lunch!

Happy Monday! I will be playing catch up from all my weekend posts- a Best of the Week and outfit post to come!


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