Saturday, July 23, 2011


 I love Saturdays.

It was an easy day around these parts. Nate and I had an afternoon date at the movies to see Captain America and then a late lunch before heading home and deciding to totally rearrange our living/dining area. Basically our dining room is now a photo studio! Not traditional but I think I kind of love it. Certainly makes shop updates a lot easier.

Speaking of shop updates ... watch for one coming soon, we shot some photos today and are hoping for a few more tomorrow (including some of those amazing clothes I mentioned before!)

But anyhoo- this is what I wore for our date- one of three outfits today (yikes) does anyone else go through outfits like that?? Gee I hope its not just me.

she wore: everything f21 with exception of Jessica Simpson Dany platforms

So first time trying the sheer shirt/bra look. At first I felt a bit scandalous as I am typically a modest little mouse but then I realized way more people are walking around with way less on and I felt better.

And is the mister cute in his cap' ensemble?

he wore: 21Men tee; Dickies Shorts; H&M aviators; Vans Skimmers

Have the loveliest of lovely Saturday nights!


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