Saturday, July 16, 2011


I am officially home and have an entire day off from work! Its the small things in life, you know?

Today is a beautiful summer day (our crazy heat wave has broken a bit), I had a delicious berry smoothie and the mister had a delicious iced coffee, I scored some pretty amazing vintage clothing that I will be putting in the shop soon despite the fact that I had thought I moved away from selling clothing! As for now I am sipping on an ice cold diet coke and enjoying the modern luxury of air conditioning and debating on if I should get to painting or be slightly more lazy and watch a movie while snuggling my Stella Bean? Tough decisions!

I wore this outfit last Sunday for an afternoon date. We saw Horrible Bosses and ate fro-yo. A lovely afternoon.

she wore:Target Dress and Boots; Vera Wang for Kohls hnadbag; Forever 21 Cardigan
he wore: 21Mens t-shirt; Levi gray denim, Old Navy sandals
Hope you all have a crazy lazy Saturday!