Sunday, July 24, 2011


What a glorious Sunday.

This morning I cooked up some pancakes (we ate them too quickly to capture a picture :)) We spent hours photographing pretty new things for the shop, I crafted, we spent time with family and we did a little purging and rearranging (its been a major purge-a-thon round these parts, more details to come) We wrapped up our evening with a short walk and now we are spending time as a little family. Its days like these that make we want to live in Sundays forever.

she wore: American Apparel Skirt; F21 woven shirt; Charlotte Russe Flats

Yesterday I told Nate that I wished we would get an afternoon thunderstorm on Sunday and my wish was granted! We had a glorious one that lasted quite a few hours, these outfit photos are somewhat gray as a by-product of the storm. But there is actually a hint of coolness in the air which makes me smile :) 

I hope from the bottom of my heart that everyone has had such a wonderful Sunday as I have!

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