Monday, November 14, 2011


Isn't that the truth?

I woke up on the right side of the bed today but a lot of things just went ... wrong. Isn't that kind of a bummer? However, I did have some mentionable highlights! For one, Stella Bean got decked out in a new coat and sweater which I am sure she will be debuting on here sooner rather than later, I am currently working on some of my Christmas merriment (let me just say, I am wayyy excited for December here on the bloggy blog, its going to be fun! ::winks::) I wore a really cute outfit .... buuut I forgot to take pictures. C'est la vie!

I wore this on my journey home from Lexington. I do love this dress. A lot.

 she wore: Missoni for Target dress; Forever 21 Crochet Cozy and Bag; Target Boots.

And how is this for foot in mouth ... as I type that I am having not the best of days the loudest of emergency vehicles flies by. I guess it just goes to show someone always has it worse than you.

Plus the Cranberries are playing on my ipod right now. Things couldn't be that bad ;)


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  1. You look so cute. And I LOVE your Missoni dress. xo, rv