Saturday, November 5, 2011


I think Shelley Long would have been really proud of me if I had been in her Wilderness Girls Troop.

This is how I felt all day between my green knee highs and tres chic beret :)

I usually try and avoid feeling like a costume at all costs but today it just felt so right.

 she wore: Everything Forever 21 with exception of heart sunnies (modcloth)
he wore: Levi Denim; Target Thermal; 21Mens Jacket.

We had a really super productive day and it felt really good! I deep cleaned most of the apartment, the mister turned in his first gallery submission (eek so proud!), and we took a glorious walk in the fall sunshine. We capped our evening off with a dinner with my family and a little shopping where I found the most perfect shoes for my besties wedding and received an early birthday gift from my momma (you will see soon in an outfit post I am oh so sure :))

How was your Saturday night??


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