Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Today was an incredibly beautiful day- after so much rain it was nice to see the sun!

I made enough stuffing for both sides of the family today- Yes, StoveTop is my contribution to the feast. I made it all in about 10 minutes which is perfect for me since the work schedule is kind of crazy lately. There is nothing like retail around the holidays!

I am apparently really into mixing and matching a lot of things that shouldn't be mixed and matched. Last week it was the navajo prep and this week its the ... fair isle rocker? Cozy sweater, studded headband and liquid leggings. It worked. Right?

 she wore: Forever 21 leggings, sweater, scarf, headband; H&M tee; Target bag

I am waaaayy ready for bed right now. Tomorrow will be a full day of family and food ... I love the holidays :)


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