Friday, November 11, 2011


What a crazy week.

I had every intention of keeping up with blogging this week and thus I never said 'Hey guys, taking a few days off, see ya Friday'. Well, I was just too beat most nights to even think about looking at a computer let alone think about what to say ha!

I spent my week in Lexington, KY opening a new store, let me tell you ... its the most exciting, exhausting, and challenging thing and oh so rewarding. Its not glamorous but they do pay for the room at the Comfort Suites (complimentary breakfast, yo!) and we had a rental mini so that was ... cool? :)

This is what I wore the day before I left. At that point it was still hovering around 70 so shorts and tights were weather appropriate. Right now we are contemplating if we actually have to man up and turn the heat on this weekend. We have lasted about 6 weeks without ::proud moment::

 she wore: Forever 21 Sweater and Bag; 21Mens Dino Tee (borrowed from the mister); Heritage 1981 Floral Cutoffs; Target tights; Old Navy boots.

 I got home around 10am so the mister took me out for pumpkin pancakes (such a good man!) and then I came home and slept for a few hours. Tonight we are all comfy cozy with pizza, the Addams Family, and lots of candles and the space heater :)

How is your Friday night shaping up?


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