Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I could listen to the White Stripes all day everyday. Actually, anything Jack White. Celebrity Crush Alert! Its ok, the husb already knows about this infatuation.

Today was one of those days where it started off pretty mild and bearable and by the time I left work it was pretty gosh darn cold! Not really chiffon blouse and tights weather but you know what? I braved it anyway. And I don't know what you would call this mish-mosh of an outfit. I have some tribal, some preppy bling, some oxfords and body con going on. Ah well, sometimes it just works for ya!

Oh and wind+bangs= ca-ca-crazy. You should have seen the pics that didn't make the cut ha!

 she wore: Forever 21 blouse/skirt/bag/poncho/necklace ... oh who am I kidding, the whole shi-bang is F21, story of my wardrobe.

We are half way to the weekend friends... I actually have a three day weekend coming up so only one more day in the salt mines until some birthday bashin'! Eeeep I feel a mid 20's life crisis coming on!

I feel like there were a lot of !!! going on in this post. I guess I am just excited :)



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