Tuesday, May 8, 2012


I came up with the idea for the Paper Flower from a magazine photo quite awhile ago- it was a piece of art wayyy back in the back of the photo, just an addition to a bookcase but I loved it! I have a stash of stained wooden plaques lying around (remnants of a project that died before it even lived, so sad) so with cardstock, a sharpie, scissors, and multi-purpose glue I set out to make my own variation.

How I did it: I started by 'hashing' lines on the cardstock to create a texture, you could use scrapbook paper, news print, or plain. I then cut out circles and folded them into quads. I cut deep curves into the folded paper so when you opened it up it became more of a clover shape. I then glued them on at different angles and let dry. After they were completely dry I pulled the edges up ever so slightly to not lose the three dimensional look.

And there you have it.
Happy Crafting!

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