Sunday, May 6, 2012


I love all of the DIY floral crowns that are to be found out there on the interwebs and this simple headband is just a spin off of those. I think twine is oh so pretty and romantic, add some flowers and you have yourself a lovely accessory to carry you through the spring ... hello May!
 Supplies needed: Silk flowers, twine, needle and thread, scissors.
Step by step: 1. cut three strands of twine (mine were 36 inches long, measure around your head and leave extra) and cut off a handful of silk blossoms. 2. knot your twine together at one end leaving about two inches for tying. 3. Begin braiding! 4. Once you have gotten to the end, knot again, and leave another 2 inches for tying off.
 Sew your blossoms on!
and then enjoy your pretty twine and blossom headband- so pretty and simple! If you aren't great with a needle and thread I think you could use hot glue on this craft just as easily!

Happy crafting!

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  1. Fun idea! Super easy for a quick fix. xo, rv