Sunday, May 6, 2012


It has been so gray around here lately- thunderstorms, humidity, lazy hazy afternoons. You would think it were August! But this morning I woke up to actual sunlight streaming in- and it was a good feeling.

Yesterday I just couldn't get kicked into high productive mode- but today? I am ready to go! Lots of work and fun things to pack into my Sunday. The next three weeks are going to be dedicated to my 9-5 so I have to get the majority of my affairs in order today :) I will be out of town the second half of this week but don't worry, I have posts ready to go for you and I am sure the mister will swoop in at some point to share a thing or two.

Also- we are excited because we are now the proud owners of! That's right, we are much easier to find now- I know you are just as giddy as I am ha!

Yesterday morning we had a coffee/Target/craft store date. Those are the best. It was, as you may assume, gray out, so I went more comfy casual.

 she wore: Forever 21

This is my first pair of 'Boyfriend' style denim- ummm, in love.  I don't know why I waited so long to hop on that band wagon.

Friday night I went to see the Avengers with the husb. Did you see it? Pretty awesome, right? And today we are going to go see The 5 Year Engagement (my pick ha ha!) I am pretty excited to see it. Jason Segel rarely disappoints.

Happy Sunday to you!

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