Wednesday, May 2, 2012


I know I say it all the time but ... I love our evening walks! This week has been so rainy but today is bright and sunny, now I just need the mister to get home.

I love love my pink hair extension- like, a lot. Its my dream to have cotton candy pink hair (will probably never happen) so this is the closest I can get. And it matches Stella's accessories perfectly.

 she wore: Forever 21 top and sweater; H&M harem pants and fringe necklace; Target flats. 
he wore: Target tee; 21Mens jacket; Levi denim

We are half way through the week people! So excited for this weekend- I am looking forward to two days of sheer productivity. Until then I will be plugging along little by little and getting inspired!

Speaking of inspiration- if you want to see something pretty check out this lovely Etsy Shop, Deuce!


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