Saturday, May 5, 2012


I love Kelly Cutrone. She is a straight talker, no nonsense, go big or go home type woman who is the complete opposite of me (sugar coater, people pleaser ... you get the idea). I am still on the fence on this book- there are some really awesome parts like her views on the fur industry ...

'Take a minute our of your day to visit the website of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, I mean, just one minute, I beg you! View some videos of minks in their cages, suffering with open wounds and engaging in stress-induced cannibalism, or foxes with their legs stuck in traps, literally gnawing them off in terror. If you still think fur is sexy, then you should f-ing take a ticket straight to hell and meet your other friends.' (quoted, pgs 22-23)

Amen, right? Even though I take this passage very seriously I also laughed out loud, I could just see her saying this on her show in her 'in your face' way.  She also touches on how we should make sure we are not accepting what the media feeds us at face value, but research what we feel passionate about and figure out what we find worth fighting for. Insightful, and empowering is what I felt the first half of her book was themed around and I loved it!

On the other side, I felt towards the end of the book she got a little 'celebrity syndrome' and started name dropping unnecessarily and letting us know some of the special treatments she has received for being a celebrity in her own right.  Which, whatever, I can try and look past but it irked me at the time so it kind of changed the way I looked at the second half of the book. There were still underlying points that were meaningful, you just had to wipe away some of the fluff. 

Overall- she did make good points, that being an individual, a thinker, a doer, is better than being a sheep. And her story telling is entertaining for sure. I wouldn't let my opinions deter you from picking this book up, but just take them as a warning if you prefer the famous avoid letting on that they know they are famous ha!

I am still undecided on my book for May- anyone have any suggestions??


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